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On the where do you want to install Windows? Make sure you read the important pre-installation information and all the above information. When you’re ready, you can download the Windows 10 in S mode installer by clicking the Download installer button below:.

Download installer. Because you’re installing Windows 10 in S mode on a running version of Windows 10, you’ve already accepted the Windows 10 Terms and Conditions. Thank you for testing Windows 10 in S mode. Your best experience will be running on a supported device as mentioned above. However, we invite you to try Windows 10 in S mode on existing devices with an eligible operating system.

If you’re having difficulty installing or running Windows 10 in S mode, use the Windows Feedback Hub to report your experience to Microsoft.

This feedback is the best way to help improve Windows 10 in S mode with your feedback. Testing Windows 10 in S mode on a device running Windows 10 Home isn’t recommended and supported at this time.

OEMs typically only support their devices with the operating system that was pre-installed. When testing Windows 10 in S mode, be ready to restore your own PC back to factory settings without assistance. Steps to return to your previous installation of Windows 10 are covered above.

Reset or Fresh Start will operate correctly and keep you on Windows 10 in S mode. They also remove the day go back ability. See Switch to previously installed Windows 10 editions to return to your previous installation of Windows 10 if you wish to discontinue using Windows 10 in S mode.

If you want to discontinue using Windows 10 in S mode, follow the instructions to return to your previous installation of Windows If you already had Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Pro Education on the device you’re testing on, you should be able to move to Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Pro Education at no charge with the instructions in this document.

Otherwise, there may be a cost to acquire a Windows 10 Pro license in the Store. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. And what is Windows 10 in S Mode? Which one is right for you? Are the versions of Windows 11 the same as Windows 10? Home is the standard version of Windows 10, the baseline package designed for the general user primarily accessing Windows at home. This version contains all the core features targeting a broad consumer market, such as the Cortana voice assistant , Outlook, OneNote, and Microsoft Edge.

Home is still compatible with the Windows Insider program, but it does limit the security and group management services made available to other versions. Windows 10 Home includes all of the features that are likely important to the general user. The free version provides 5GB, whereas you can get additional storage through the Microsoft subscription. Generally speaking, Windows 10 Home is light on professional features, but it does include mobile device management.

That might be helpful for individuals or families that want to control apps and security settings for connected phones. The professional version of Windows 10 includes many extra features designed for businesses. It has virtually everything offered by Windows Home, plus additional security and management services.

This version of Windows 10 is typically purchased in bulk by companies or schools, though you can configure desktops and laptops to include it versus using Home. These versions include extra features to buy and upload content in bulk. Whether you’re running Windows 11 in S mode or not, there are some limitations when you run a PC on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor:.

Drivers for hardware, games and apps will only work if they’re designed for a Windows 11 PC running on a Snapdragon processor. For more info, check with the hardware manufacturer or the organization that developed the driver. Drivers are software programs that communicate with hardware devices—they’re commonly used for antivirus and antimalware software, printing or PDF software, assistive technologies, CD and DVD utilities, and virtualization software.

Whether you’re in S mode or not, peripherals and devices only work if the drivers they depend on are built into Windows. Games and apps won’t work if they use a version of OpenGL greater than 1. You can check with your game publisher to see if a game will work.

Apps that customize the Windows experience might have problems. This includes some input method editors IMEs , assistive technologies, and cloud storage apps. The organization that develops the app determines whether their app will work on a Windows 11 PC running on a Snapdragon processor.

You won’t be able to install third-party antivirus software on any edition of Windows 11 running on a Snapdragon processor. However, Windows Defender Security Center will help keep you safe for the supported lifetime of your Windows 11 device. Windows 11 in S mode provides built-in accessibility features that help you do more on your device. You can check Microsoft Store to see if your preferred assistive technology apps are available for a PC running in S mode. If they aren’t available, you can permanently switch out of S mode to use non-Microsoft Store apps.

You may want to check with the vendor to find out if their application is compatible with Windows 11 running on a Snapdragon processor. Not all assistive technology apps work as expected, even if you switch out of S mode.

For more info, visit the NV Access website. Note: Switching out of S mode is one-way. If you make the switch, you won’t be able to go back to S mode. To learn more, see How do I switch out of S mode? If you make this switch, it’s permanent. Also, even if you aren’t in S mode, peripherals and devices will only work if the drivers they depend on are built into Windows It’s a good idea to check whether the hardware developer has published a version of the driver that runs on a Windows 11 device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Note that switching out of S mode is one-way. If you make the switch, you won’t be able to go back to S mode on that device. For more info, see How do I switch out of S mode?

Every Windows 11 PC running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor can connect to a cellular data network, whether or not it’s S mode enabled. This lets you get online wherever you have a cellular signal.

You’ll need a data plan and a SIM card from your mobile operator. To learn how to get connected after that, see Cellular settings in Windows. To see if your device will work, check the hardware manufacturer’s website or your mobile operator’s website. You can also buy prepaid cellular data plans through Microsoft Store.

For more information about how to buy a plan, see Add your Windows PC to your mobile account to get online. Windows 11 in S mode only works with compatible apps from Microsoft Store. Most apps in Microsoft Store work the same for devices whether they’re in S mode or not. Many hardware accessories and peripherals such as printers that work with Windows 11 will also work with Windows 11 in S mode, but might have limited functionality.

See Windows 10 in S mode Accessory Compatibility for more info on Microsoft hardware accessories, and for links to contact third parties if you have questions about using their accessories with Windows 11 in S mode. If you don’t find information on a specific model, check with your accessory manufacturer.

If you try to use an app that’s not in Microsoft Store, you’ll get a reminder that the app isn’t an option when you’re using Windows 11 in S mode. We’ll often suggest a category of similar apps or a specific app that’s already available in Microsoft Store. If you still want to download an application that’s not in Microsoft Store or has compatibility issues, you can switch out of S mode, but you won’t be able to switch back again.

The number of compatible apps and devices will continue to grow. For the most up-to-date information, you can always check back at this website, at Microsoft Store in Windows, or with the hardware or software manufacturer. If you absolutely need to use an app or device that’s not compatible, it’s easy to switch out of S mode—you just won’t be able to switch back.

Windows provides a number of built-in accessibility features to help you do more. If you need to use assistive technology apps that aren’t available through Microsoft Store, and aren’t downloadable on a Windows 11 device in S mode, you’ll need to switch out of S mode and you won’t be able to switch back.

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[Windows 10 S mode: everything you need to know | TechRadar


S mode is a Windows 10 feature that improves security and boosts performance, but at a significant cost. Find out if Windows 10 in S mode is right for your needs. In , Microsoft added a new feature to its Windows 10 operating system: S mode, a stripped-down, tightly-locked, and low-end PC friendly way to run Windows There are a lot of good reasons to put a Windows 10 PC in S mode, including:.

Microsoft even made Windows 10 in S mode to run on ARM processors, so it’s intentionally designed to work well on hardware that wouldn’t normally run Windows 10 very smoothly. Performance and security improvements always come at a cost though, and Windows 10 in S mode is no different. If you’re considering a new Windows 10 PC, especially a Surface device these often ship with Windows 10 in S mode standard , be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before meeting with disappointing surprises.

There’s one major reason why Windows 10 in S mode is more secure: You can only install apps from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft also restricts antivirus software to its own built-in Windows Defender Security Center, and has stated in its Windows 10 S FAQ that “the only antivirus software known to be compatible with Windows 10 in S mode is the version that comes with it. Like other OSs managed top to bottom by the manufacturer, it’s interoperability is its strength when it comes to keeping you safe.

As mentioned above, you can only install apps from the Microsoft Store. That may not seem like a big deal at first because surely the apps you need will be in the Microsoft Store , but there are a lot of things professional users need that are downloaded from the web or installed using other app management platforms.

S mode means no Adobe software, no Apple apps, no non-Microsoft video conferencing apps, and no third-party security software–in short, if it comes to a Windows PC via a third party it doesn’t come to S mode at all. That includes web browsers and that’s a deal killer for many people. S mode users are stuck with Edge as their browser and Bing as their default search engine. To further restrict browsing matters, even if Chrome or Firefox were installed on an S mode computer neither are available in the Microsoft Store it couldn’t be set as the default browser, nor can the default search engine be changed.

In offering S mode, Microsoft is trying to compete for two markets, both of which are currently dominated by Chromebooks : Students and large enterprises with lots of machines to manage. Schools and businesses have hardware needs in common–they need to deploy a lot of machines to a lot of people, they need them locked down so users don’t get infected with malware or lose a machine filled with sensitive data, and they need them to be cheap.

S mode was built to address those needs, all while being a familiar interface that most computer users have worked with at least once in their lives.

Windows 10 S mode looks and feels no different than using Windows 10 home, Pro, or Enterprise, but it allows administrators to keep a short leash on users. Windows 10 in S mode is also built to run on far lower end PCs, without bogging down their hardware, meaning a simple PC deployment for a user that only needs access to Office apps and a web browser can be more affordable for businesses and schools than ever before, and is perfect for business and education users.

If you bought a Windows 10 PC with S mode installed, you may have been surprised by what you couldn’t do. Don’t be dismayed–you aren’t stuck with S mode.

In fact, you can switch out of S mode at any time. In the Activation menu, look for Switch To Windows 10 Pro or Home–you’ll see one of the two depending on what version of Windows 10 your computer has. Clicking Switch will open the Microsoft Store and prompt you to “Get” the full version, akin to installing an app.

Once you do that, your PC will switch over to its full version of Windows 10 and you’ll be free to install whatever apps you wish. Be forewarned: Switching out of S mode is a one-way street. Once you turn S mode off, you can’t go back, which could be bad news for someone with a low-end PC that doesn’t run a full version of Windows 10 very well. The other trade-off to deactivating Windows 10 S mode is that you’re taking security into your own hands, and without installation restrictions, it’s much easier to find yourself infected with malware.

As always, be sure you double-check that switching to the full version of Windows 10 is necessary for your needs and look online to find out if your computer meets hardware requirements to run the full version.

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What Is Windows 10 or Windows 11 in S Mode?


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Softpedia Homepage. Windows 11 to launch later this year. Microsoft Edge, your default browser, gives you more protection against phishing and socially-engineered malware. A father and son sit at the breakfast table looking at a Windows 10 PC. A one-way switch out of S mode is available.

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