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Mini PCs are fast enough for anything other than high-end gaming, and unlike some laptops, they include all the ports you need to connect multiple monitors and your favorite keyboard and mouse. But the ongoing silicon chip shortage has created months-long shipping delays for the M70q and many other mini PCs. Good performance, lots of ports, a reasonably quiet fan, and easy upgradability make the ThinkCentre M70q Нажмите для продолжения the best mini PC for most people.

Its fan is nearly silent in everyday use and tolerable under more intensive workloads. And for easy upgrades later on, you need to remove only one screw to access its M. The customizable model also includes a generous three-year warranty by default. In fact, the app you use for almost everything on a Chrome OS device is the Chrome web browser, and your device has to be connected to the internet for most tasks.

A somewhat cheaper version with 4 GB of memory is available and you can upgrade the memory later, if you wantbut we think most people are likely to be happier with the extra speed and responsiveness that 8 GB of memory offers. We like the Asus PN50 bare-bones mini PC because its AMD Ryzen processors offer good enough performance for everything from web browsing to light gaming, and because the PN50 squeezes in all of the ports most people will need including a microSD card slot on the front.

But the new Mac mini has fewer ports than the Intel-based model it replaces, and none of those ports are accessible from the front. He has been building, upgrading, and fixing PCs for more than 15 years, and he spent five of those years in IT departments buying and repairing laptops and desktops as well as helping people buy the best tech for their needs.

But unlike ultrabooks or most all-in-ones, mini PCs are easy to upgrade if you want to add more memory or storage, and they have all the ports you need to connect two or three monitors and your favorite keyboard, mouse, and webcam.

The size of a mini PC prevents much expansion, but you can upgrade the storage and the memory on most orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download, and sometimes the CPU. You can add an external graphics dock if a mini PC supports Thunderbolt 3, but such docks tend to orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download large and expensive. At the lowest budgets, we preferred Chromeboxes, which run Chrome OSan operating system that uses the Chrome web browser as its primary interface.

Chrome has notably limited options for photo, video, orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download audio editing software, as well as for text editors used in programming. Most companies charge a premium for RAM and SSD upgrades, so buying those components yourself can save money, and the resulting systems work just as well as any mini PC you can buy off the shelf.

We started by researching more than 60 models of mini PCs, noting their features and specifications. We then ran the benchmarking program Geekbench 5 and transcoded a minute p video using HandBrake —this process gave us a good idea of how the PCs would perform in general use and when running at full speed for an extended period of time. We then connected each mini PC to a dual-monitor setup one 4K, one p and used it for a few days of ordinary work.

This process usually consisted of running a web browser with at least 15 tabs open at a time Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Slack, and plenty morestreaming music through the Spotify desktop application, video chatting, and recording audio.

The testing allowed us to get a feel for how each mini PC performed on a daily basis, and it also gave us time to discover any quirks related to bloatware or driver issues.

On each machine we tried to load up a few games. On every PC in this guide, games such as FortniteHearthstoneLeague of Legends, Minecraftand Rocket League are playable at medium or low settings, but more demanding games even older ones like Far Cry 5 or Middle-earth: Shadow of War will run poorly, even on lower settings.

It also performs well and has plenty of ports—everything you need from a mini PC. The processor in the M70q Tiny in our recommended configuration, a six-core Intel Core iT is more than fast enough for everyday tasks such as browsing, simple photo and video editing, and working on Google Docs and Microsoft Office documents. It has one USB 3. A second plate on the bottom slides off to expose its M. And we found that its power consumption was similar to that of other Windows mini PCs we tested: around 8 watts when idling at the desktop and перейти на страницу a peak of 60 watts when encoding video.

The M70q Tiny also lacks any kind of SD card reader and a Thunderbolt 3 port—though Thunderbolt 3 is really useful only if you have or plan to buy high-speed external SSDs or an external graphics card enclosure. And both computers take up about the same amount of space on a desk and will fit the same amount of internal storage. The ProDesk is usually more expensive than a similarly configured M70q Tiny, but ongoing silicon chip shortages make pricing and availability hard to predict; you should buy whichever one is the better deal.

The six-core Intel Core i5 processor in the ProDesk G6 download microsoft office 2016 home and business iso free download good for schoolwork and work-work, along with video chatting and basic photo and video editing.

If you plan to use this for Photoshop or other professional apps, consider upgrading to 16 GB of memory or buying a bigger SSD—both upgrades you can do yourself if you want to save money. HP will add the 2. Chrome OS has limitations, which we explore more fully in our guide to Chromebooks. And although Chrome OS can run the Android versions of those apps from the Google Play store, those versions are not as full-featured as their desktop counterparts and are sometimes awkward to use with a keyboard and mouse.

The CBX2 also offers a surprisingly good selection of ports. On the front, you get a headphone jack, two USB 3. First, you peel back the edges of the grippy rubber strips on the bottom to expose four Phillips-head screws.

And the pricing, compared with that of our other picks, gets even better if you want more storage or memory—buying these parts yourself is always cheaper than paying Lenovo, HP, or Dell for the same upgrades. But you can find a Ryzen 3 version for a bit less money that will still work well for schoolwork, working from home, or basic browsing. And you can find a more expensive Ryzen 7 version with a bit more power for editing high-resolution video or running other professional apps. It also has USB Type-C ports on the front and the back whereas most of our picks have one or the other and a microSD card slot, which is handy for photographers or others who use microSD cards regularly.

Compared with most of our other picks, the PN50 is taller but has a smaller, 4. That additional height leaves room for a 2. Because the first thing you need orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download do to a bare-bones mini PC is open it up to install components, Asus has made the PN50 easy to get into; remove four Phillips head screws from the bottom of the device, and then slide the bottom off to expose both memory slots and the M.

The bottom of the PN50 also doubles as the tray where you install the 2. Fan noise in the PN50 is more or less comparable to that of the other mini PCs we tested. The M1 Mac mini does have fewer ports than Intel Mac minis, all of those ports are on the back of the computer, страница it can connect to only two monitors instead of three. Despite its larger size, the Mac mini actually comes with fewer ports than most of the Windows mini PCs we tested and fewer than the old Intel Mac mini had.

The Mac mini is one of the larger mini PCs we tested, at 7. It also lacks VESA-mounting options, so it needs room on a desk unless you want to try a third-party mount. In laptops like the MacBook Air, that manifests as a few extra hours of battery life. Most of the Intel systems in our tests consumed between 50 W and 60 W of power when encoding a video, a task that stresses all the cores on продолжить processor at once.

The M1 Mac mini, in contrast, used about 24 W of power to do the same task in a similar amount of time. The version with a Ryzen 5 Pro GE should offer about the same processor performance as an Intel Core i5—based mini PC but much faster integrated-graphics performance, which is better for Fortnite and other less-demanding and older games. These systems, which come both as preconfigured PCs and as build-your-own bare-bones models, have louder-than-normal fans but offer good performance and all the ports and expandability that most people need.

We expect to recommend NUCs in the future, but this is a bad time to buy one. We think those newer models will be worth buying when you can get them, but one of our other picks will serve your needs better in the short term.

Gaming mini PCs are considerably pricier than the models in this guide, and buying one is usually much more expensive than building a larger PC yourself. A prebuilt gaming desktop from Dell, HP, Lenovo, or other, smaller PC builders will orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download larger, but it will also cost about the same amount, perform as well or better, and age more gracefully.

A handful orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download other powerful bare-bones gaming mini PCs exist, but most of them come from smaller companies like ASRock and Zotac and have shorter warranties and worse support. The M90q Tiny also offers Intel processors that use more power and run faster than the T-series Intel chips in most of the mini PCs we recommend. The main difference is that they have faster USB ports on the back, they have two M. Those upgrades make a big difference in the day-to-day usability of the computer.

Asus also offers a fanless version of the Chromebox 4 FCU. Apple still sells the Mac mini with Intel processors. Skip it unless you need Windows support for a specific reason.

We tested it with a USB-C monitor that put out 60 W of power, and it seemed to work fine, but giving the PC less power than it needs could result in slowdowns or shutdowns. Andrew Cunningham is a senior staff writer on Wirecutter’s tech team. He has been writing about laptops, phones, routers, and other tech since Before that he spent five years in IT fixing computers and helping people buy the best tech for their needs.

Our pick. Budget pick. Also great. Everything we recommend Our pick. What about gaming mini PCs? What to look forward to The competition Footnotes Sources.

Why you should trust us. Who this is for. How we picked. Specs: Processor: A mini PC needs a processor powerful enough to handle basic web browsing, light photo editing, and any office programs you use. With the exception of our budget contenders and the Mac mini, all the mini PCs in orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download test group have a 10th- or 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor or a series AMD Ryzen processor.

If you spend lots of time in heavy-duty apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or Premiere, or if you regularly edit several large spreadsheets or databases at a time, you may benefit from 16 GB; aside from the Mac mini, any of our picks allow you to upgrade the RAM if you decide you need more.

Storage: A spinning hard drive can bog down an otherwise speedy computer, so a solid-state drive is a requirement here. A GB SSD should be available as a standard orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download, and upgrading the storage or adding a second drive later should be easy. Preinstalled operating system: For our main jaksta media portable free, we focused on PCs running Windows Size: A mini PC should have a footprint no larger than 8 by 8 inches and should be no more than 3 inches tall.

Any larger, and you might as well get a Mini-ITX computerwhich has more room for expansion. Because mini PCs fit almost anywhere, many clever mounting options are available. Ease of upgrades: Orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download should be able to upgrade the memory and storage on any mini PC without much technical know-how.

Fan noise: Like laptops, mini PCs cram a lot of power into a small case. Warranty: Most mini PCs come with at least a one-year warranty, but the best have a two- or three-year warranty. Orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download policy orbsmart aw-10 pro 4k mini pc windows 10 pro free download cover any defects as well as tech support over the phone, chat, or email.

A mini PC free of manufacturer cruft is more desirable. The accessories that PC manufacturers bundle with their desktops are rarely very good—if you care about your keyboard and mouse, you’re likely to spend extra on a nice Bluetooth keyboard or mechanical keyboard and a good wireless mouse anyway.

VESA mounting support: Mounting a mini PC to the back of a monitor is a good way to save a little space on your desk and get some of the benefits of an all-in-one without having to pay for one or dealing with its lack of upgradability. How we tested.


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