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PaintShop Pro is now the newest version available We thought PaintShop Pro X8 was pretty great, if you did too just wait till you see what we have done with our latest version of PaintShop Pro. Download Free Trial Learn more. Access free valuable resources when upgrading from PaintShop Pro X8.

Tutorials Video tutorials introduce you to key features in PaintShop Pro so you can master the application quickly. How-to Guides Short step-by-step written guides on the most common photo editing tasks. PaintShop Professionals Learn from the Pros, talented photo and design enthusiasts who have excellent PaintShop Pro skills and a willingness to help others improve their skills.

Photo Blog Check out our official blog to stay informed about the photo editing software you love. Get access to video tutorials and take advantage of free downloadable extras in the Corel Guide. Corel PaintShop Pro X5 provides creative design and editing of your images with special effects, enhanced HDR technology, built-in learning, sensible user interface and new media functions.

Its photo editing features let you organize, enhance and edit your photos with tools including instant effects palette, retro lab, graduated filter effect, RAW lab, dynamic HDR tools, single RAW photo and makeover tools. This is a comprehensive yet simple to use software application. The software can be used for a variety of editing operations. Painting tools include brush tips, eraser, blend options and eraser to draw options.

Drawing operations include path options and fill option. Video editing includes adding text and logos. One can import images from digital media and publish images in various sizes and formats. There are drawing tutorials available on the web that one can follow to learn about the software. Corel Paintshop Pro Rank. Adobe Photoshop.



What is corel paintshop pro x5 free


I had issues when I first installed it. It does not come with extras included on the CD like past versions of the program did. But a Corel technician helped with that, by allowing me to down load all the files I needed.

Awful program. Interface is kludgy and poorly designed, not as bad as Adobe, but trying to imitate that app destroyed what was Paint Shop’s best feature — ease of use. One of the most buggy apps I’ve ever used. Almost as bad as Pinnacle, in that class in terms of bad code. Won’t load, takes forever to load, freezes, won’t let you save work. A total mess. I thought X2, X3, X4 were bad.

This is the worst. I’ve quit Corel and moved to Photoshop, which I detest. It’s that bad. Finally Corel have closed this file , as they said ” I have tested both Lightroom 4 and Photoshop Elements 11 – these two Adobe products appear to handle these files correctly. I’d be interested to hear of anyone else who’ve experienced similar problems with these Corel products.

A letter not email was forwarded to the company’s head office some time ago – at the time of posting to this forum surprise, surprise I have received no response. Is the lens interchangeable? If yes, what lens are you using? Back to Adobe P. Finally received a response to my Second Case Request Seems they have Thanks for nothing Corel.

IMHO selling this product knowing that there is a bug in the system is False advertising. I am continuing with this matter as one of principle. Why isn’t this company listening to their customers. Paintshop Pro X4 is just buggy! First it takes about 20 seconds to open up, when it does open up correctly, then occasionally, it will not completely load and crash. Seeing from other users here, why should I take a chance with X5? Since I purchased X4, I have not seen one update to correct for the bugs, and I have not read that X5 corrected these bugs.

I may buy it second-hand on ebay, when people start selling it, if it’s cheap enough. I run WinXP on a virus-free Quad speed cpu desktop and have 4gb of memory and plenty of room on my hard drive! This software X5 Ultimate crashes faster than the Titanic. There’s a series of edits that if I do them in a row, the program will shut itself down every single time. It’s pretty much useless. No reply to my email for support.

No support phone number. Calling the sales line they say you have to submit your “1 free support request” online. Of course the store won’t take back open software so my only recourse is to contact my credit card company and put a refund request on it.

Really sad how this program went downhill so much after Corel took it over. I’m a bit slow, but won’t fall for it again. Still no answer as to why Raw files from Canon G1X wide angle lens settings show marked vignetting and distortion.

Save a PNG file using inches and when you open it the dimensions appear in cm, and they don’t round accurately. Too bad they couldn’t have fixed this in six releases over as many years, even when they hear about it as a reported bug year after year after year. Don’t count on any glitch getting fixed given this level of disregard, but if you can use the sofware as is, go for it.

One can only hope this can be fixesd quickly. On the other hand I have found the ease of use, and the actual editing features excellent. I’ve used PSP X2 previously and quite liked the product. Having downloaded the trial version I find that ColorEfex Pro 3. Not much of a trial if you can test one of Corel’s main selling points!

However, I did like the single raw feature. Other than that, most of the other changes since X2 seem to just bloat the product and have little appeal to me. I bought X4 last fall.

For this beginner, the basics were easy to use. That is probably true of any full featured photo editing software. No Adobe for me! Super easy, super fast, wonderful results. One can’t say enough good things about ASP. Worse, the program actually makes you think that you can save a bit TIF, but if I then take the saved TIF and look at the histogram, I find that there are only distinct levels of RGB information, not 65, using the “wide histogram” plugin in Photoshop, or the freeware application “Histogrammar”.

Never mind There is still one thing that would keep me from buying this as my image editor: Color gamut. Oh and one other thing, there is no mention if it will support Canon RAW files? Hopefully someone can answer this. I just downloaded the trial as well. This is definitely a step up from X2. Now, about the Adobe RGB color gamut I hope I helped. Forgive the bad English. I’ll enjoy the free trial, but will probably get Elements 11 when it comes out.

You can choose converting your image to that space or assigning it etc. I usually work in aRGB with PSP or even in the uniquely defined color space of my wide gamut monitor and no problems at all.

My only complaint is that color management is not implemented as conveniently as in Photoshop. For example, to change color space you must close all open images That statement makes no sense at all. AdobeRGB is an ordinary profile, easy to read the coordinates, documented widely, downloadable for free and implementable by anyone who wants to. I’d like to see the results of this split process.

For me, X4 was worth it just for Nik Color Efex. Given the list of new “fun” features, it really bugs me that they keep putting the “Pro” label on the software. I wish they’d add some pro features or spin off a “light” version of PaintShop for the scrap-booking, facebook crowd. I haven’t tried this, but the reason they treat HDR as a different feature is because it’s different, for a couple of reasons.

If you redevelop a single RAW at three exposures and recombine, you can never exceed the actual dynamic range of the sensor, plus, the dark areas still have as much noise as they ever did. But the advantage over HDR is that a single exposure can capture action without ghosting.

If you use real HDR, you are taking actual bracketed exposures that give you much longer tone coverage than the sensor can with one exposure. Also, with real HDR the dark exposures place the image’s visibly dark tones in a light part of the exposure, so that your shadows have no noise after combination processing.

So Corel is doing the right thing by keeping this technique and real HDR far apart of each other. Actually they got a pretty good deal. Corel wanted to buy them badly.

Lots of money was flying into people pockets. And in contrast to many other applications corel bought PSP actually sells Thanks for alll you posts b4 mine. I am still using X2. My 1st impressions of X5 was pretty much the same as everyone else’s–just more fluff without substance.

I was waiting to see if X5 added any major improvements. I’ll get X4. Will X5 replace AfterShot Pro? Rumor has it that AfterShot Pro may die a slow death. I hope ASP stays around. Doubt I’ll give X5 a try until they drop the upgrade price. Totally different products. It’s like the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom.

Aftershot Pro is the best RAW converter I did this because ASP seemed to be more than soft it was very spongy and I wanted to see the difference. It is the worst converter I have used. No Aftershot pro RAW conversion is not good. Pity the rest is a good usable package. Most important thing they could have added was bit support. This is one of the least featured update that I can recall.

Despite being 32 bit, it does handle large files remarkably well. X3 you could kill with 16 bit TIFF files as it had a memory leak whereas this and the same was true of X4 is great in that regard. But Adobe has been releasing annual versions of Elements with similar minor add-on effects and wizards, so Corel probably has pressure to keep up for the side-by-side comparison charts. So who cares if Corel has those built in with X5?

Its not much of a upgrade from X4 Ultimate. The upgrade price is not worth it yet for ND filters and few brushes and some social networking stuff. I will stick around for awhile , at least until the first service pack. I left windows in 97 and PaintShop Pro behind. I had thought Corel would have made a Mac version when they bought Jasc out, but grey matter at Corel does not exist. I think it is more of a numbers game and I’d image some brain power was used in coming to that conclusion. Lol WHAT?

I love people like you that throw numbers out regarding Mac users. And how about the number of working professionals that use Macs compared to PCs? In photography, Macs have a much larger share. Where creative human beings actually choose the computer they want to use, the Mac is a much higher share.

That is why the Apple retail stores are some of the most successful in the retail industry on a per square foot revenue basis. As for Adobe sales – their Mac sales are nowhere near to Windows sales.

Software development for Mac and Windows is entirely different. From business perspective it doesn’t make sense to spend huge amount of efforts porting product to Mac if much larger Windows market is not saturated.

Then, once you have product core working it’s relatively easy to add new features to both Windows and Mac versions. For Corel Mac support would be like development of a new product from scratch. There are apparently no solid figures available for Macs in use worldwide — Apple probably knows but isn’t talking — but estimates exist that million Macs and perhaps up to million when you include older, pre-Intel chip versions are currently in use. Not too shabby.

If you were the CEO of Corel, why wouldn’t you start down that road, knowing that the market is just sitting there waiting? Come on Corel, it’s the 21st Century –get over the anti-Mac ‘s huff and climb on board!

Even though many of its customers and employees are? Corel used to be a public company, until heavy debts and losses prompted a private group to take full control. Who the current shareholders are, or whether the company is making money, perhaps few in Toronto have a clue. Bring back JASC please Corel have been around as long as i remember, i hope folks will give them a chance If they would support Linux, like Aftershot Pro does, I would give them a chance.

I would definitely purchase a copy for my Ubuntu workstation. Aftershot Pro works great on Ubuntu. Version X4 was at least up untill the last service pack a complete disaster. It wouldn’t properly recognise the correct color space from my Sony A77 and couldnet even be relied on to rotate images correctly. Using all this time Corel’s software it would be nice to say that PspX4 is good to use it in two screens workspace but I can’ t find until now enough reasons to go to X5, and I do prefer sometimes X3.

I downloaded PaintShop Pro X5 trial version. I tried it for 20 min and concluded. It’s not going to fit my needs 1. Lack of 16bit TIF support 3.

File Size limitations. Sony has just released a trio of impressively small, light, ultrawide lenses for APS-C. These lenses are designed for vloggers, so Chris decided to film himself and find out how they perform.

Holy moly, this thing is tiny! We take the adorable Sigma mm F2. Here’s what’s new and what we think so far We’ve been able to spend some quality time with Fujifilm’s APS-C flagship, and we have plenty of opinions! How do you make weird lens even weirder? Corel PaintShop Pro X5 provides users support for dual monitor computers and the workspace can be easily organized.

A learning center is available for those that want to use tutorials in order to learn various techniques. RAW files are also supported and it is quite easy to work with them and tweak various features. Scripts can be created in order to automate various processes whenever they are required. Also, photos can be blended in with ease to create interesting effects or cover up certain elements.

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