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It is the designated file reader in iOS, and it now supports Apple pencil. This application allows you to add handwritten notes and highlights, as well as use the pencil tool to fill forms and add signatures. The app has all basic features you need for working with PDF. You can use it to sign contracts, fill forms easily, and more. The interface of the app is smooth and easy to use.

You can scroll up or down, as well as search easily. The app comes with different layouts, and you can choose whichever one you like best. The goal is to recreate the pen and paper interaction on your iPad.

Thanks to Readdle Transfer, you can use the Apple Pencil support to quickly transfer files from your iPad to your Mac. This new technology allows you to work on documents from your Mac and iOS on any device with one simple tap.

You simply use your pen and finger simultaneously. The PDF Expert app recognizes when you use the pencil, and when you use your finger. For example, you can swipe through pages with your finger, and add notes and annotations with your pencil. You can also select to use the pencil without pressure sensitivity from the toolbar.

But it still lacks some of the more advanced features that other PDF products on the market can deliver. One alternative is PDFelement. This complete PDF solution brings all the basic features to the table, but with more advanced options as well. PDFelement is available for macOS This is one of the best apps for managing PDF documents in general. Buy PDFelement right now! Audrey Goodwin. Audrey Goodwin chief Editor.



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